how to find slimes in minecraft

Where do you Find Slimes in Minecraft? (Ninja Tips)

If you need a lot of slime balls, that might be hard to find them easily. Indeed, slimes are one of the mobs we don’t see so often in Minecraft.
No worries, I will explain the best techniques to find them in this article.

As a general rule, slimes only spawn at the surface in swamp biomes. However, they can also be found in random chunks, named “slime chunks”, below layer 40.

There are 3 methods to find them quickly, and you’ll discover all of them in this article, so that you can choose the one your prefer.

Find slimes in swamp biomes


Let’s start about a bit of theory concerning the slimes spawn in Minecraft.
As explained in the introduction, they will spawn naturally in swamp biomes, by night only.

A slime creature will appear only if these two conditions are fulfilled:

  • The surface should be between layers 50 and 70
  • The light level should be low (between 0 and 7)


So, base on the theory we just explained, here are the steps you can follow to find slimes in a swamp biome:

  • Find a swamp biome near your base
  • Then, it might be a good idea to cut down the trees. This will give more spawn points for the slimes to appear.
  • Make sure the surface is at the correct level (between 50 and 70). If there are some hills, terraform a bit the area.
  • Also make sure that there is enough space for them to spawn, they need 3x3x3 for the biggest ones
  • Then, wait for the night, you should get a few ones each night

Don’t forget that other mobs will spawn too. It could be a good idea to build something to protect yourself during that time. Maybe a small tower to watch if there are some slimes around without being killed by skeletons and other mobs.

Find slimes underground


The second strategy is to go underground, and find slimes chunks.
A chunk is a piece of the world which is 16×16 blocks. The map of a Minecraft world is just a set of chunks pasted together.

The main problem with this strategy is that you can’t guess which area is a slime chunk or not.
You’ll need to try until you find a slime somewhere.

Use the debug screen (F3) to find the chunks border, and note in each one the slimes appear.
Also, don’t forget that they only spawn under layer 40.


Here is what you can do to optimize your chances:

  • Go down to layer 30 or 35
  • Dig a large area with 4 blocks high
  • Try to respect the chunks border and have them fully dug. For example, you can start with 4 chunks, so 32×32 blocks
  • Then, put fences or walls between each chunks
  • Wait near this area to see if slimes appear and where

Obviously, once you have your first chunks done, you can continue to dig around instead of waiting doing nothing. The more large the room is, the more chance you have to find slimes.

If possible, try to choose a place where there is already a cave, this will be faster.
You can even start where you have already seen a slime previously to increase your chances.

Overall, there is a slime chunk one in 10 to 15 on average. So, if you are not lucky, you might need to dig a lot before finding one :/

Find slimes with an online tool


This might sound like a bit of cheating, but there is a way to find where slimes chunks are.
To do this, you’ll need the world seed, so it’s probably only in solo or your own server.

Tools like Slime Finder allows you to get the slime chunks list in a few clicks.
There are also some mods to do the same thing.


In practice, this is really simple:

  • Get the seed for your current world. In game, you can use the command /seed to display it.
  • Take note of your coordinates, by using the debug screen (F3).
  • Then go to Slime Finder here
  • Fill the form with your seed
  • The map below will be updated directly
  • Move it to find your position and see which chunks around you are slime chunks

Once you have the map around you, try to identify a place where there is 3 to 4 slime chunks. This way you can dig a smaller area and get the best results.
Then follow the technique explained in the previous part to dig your farm, with a 100% chance of getting the good chunk 🙂

Bonus : How to Build a Slime Farm?

Before wrapping up this article, I want to give you a few videos you can watch to automate the process.
For each strategy, there is a way to get a lot of slime balls with the minimum amount of work 🙂

In a swamp biome

One chunk farm

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