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What’s the real Difference Between Survival and Adventure?

The Minecraft game can be played in several game modes, like survival, adventure and creative. In this article, we’ll take at look at the two firsts. As adventure is pretty recent, you may not be familiar with it yet. What’s the difference with the survival mode you already know?

The main difference between adventure and survival in Minecraft is that it’s not possible to place or break blocks in adventure mode. It exists to be played in an adventure world, made for this game mode. Survival is the default one, where resources harvesting is needed to survive and thrive.

No worries, we’ll see these two game modes in details in the following of this article, and we’ll sum up by comparing them point per point.

Survival mode in Minecraft


Survival is the default game mode in Minecraft, probably the most played.

When you start a solo game, you appear at a random spot in the world et have to survive as long as possible. To do this, you need to harvest resources from the environment to craft your stuff.
You need to break blocks, craft new items, etc.

If you die, you’ll respawn at the same spawn point where you started the game (except if you have slept in a bed somewhere).

Game type

In survival mode, there is not really a predefined game goal. That’s exactly why a sandbox game is interesting.
Define your own goals, and change them when you want.

It could be to have a better stuff at the beginning (like a full diamond armor with great enchantments), slaying the dragon, harvesting your fields, etc.

Known styles

When you create a Minecraft world, you can use a seed to generate a specific world. So, in survival, you can choose a specific seed to influence the game you would like to play, like the dream environment with everything close to the spawn point, or the opposite: a lost island with only on tree on it 🙂
You can use the website Minecraft Seed HQ to find seeds ideas.

You can also download maps to play a specific style.
I’m thinking for example of the Skyblock. You start on a tiny island surrounded by the void. You need to survive and improve your base with only what’s on the island at the beginning.

And obviously, you can also play in survival mode on a server.
Whatever the game style you choose (role-play, skyblock, etc.), it’s often based on a survival mode.
Once on a multiplayer server, you’ll love the new dimension of your Minecraft game. You’ll be confronted with new concepts to manage: economy, politics, rules, etc.

To find a good server, feel free to use websites like this one.

Adventure mode in Minecraft


In adventure mode, you can walk around in the game, use doors and levers, or kills mobs.
But you can’t break or place blocks!

It’s kind of like you are a guest, you can visit and defend yourself, but that’s all.

Game type

The adventure mode is made to be use on a specific map, created for this.
If you start a new solo game in adventure mode, you’ll get bored very quickly 🙂

You need to find maps online.
For example, MinecraftMaps has a section for this. And most of the resource’s website for Minecraft have some too.

Map examples

If you never tried this game mode, I’ll show you 3 maps you can try in adventure mode.

The Dropper

The Dropper is a well-known map where you need to jump in wonderful builds to reach the bottom of the map (without dying) and move to the next room.
So, the main goal is simple, but it’s not that easy to complete 🙂

Download the map here

Herobrine’s mansion

This map has been created by Hypixel himself, and improved by Xiantis.
The goal is the same as on a classic map, but it has been created with huge resources.

I won’t say more about this, and I let you discover this masterpiece with the link below:
Download the map

Terra Restore

Finally, I want to write about the Terra Restore map.
This is not a map I played, but it’s the first one on MinecraftMaps, so it’s probably one you have to try to discover the adventure mode in Minecraft.

You can find it here:
Download the map

Differences between survival and adventure in Minecraft

Blocks interactions

In survival mode, you have full access to the Minecraft game, like it has been created at the beginning. You can destroy everything if you want.

In adventure mode, you can only interact with the environment: use levers or open doors, but you can’t break anything.


In an adventure map, you’ll generally follow a scenario, the game progress is guided, you’ll do what the mapmaker wanted.

In survival mode, there is no limit to your imagination.
You’ll often start with a first game to discover the concepts, and then you’ll play each new world with a specific theme or goal in mind (like “living in a desert”, “build a seaside resort”, “kill all the bosses”, etc.)


Even if the adventure mode is limited to the mapmaker intent, both game modes are interesting.
It depends on your personal style, and also of the map you choose.
Don’t reject any game mode because you think it’s not for you, try a few games before deciding.
Expect mapmakers to have original ideas to keep you playing 🙂

Related questions

What about the creative mode? The creative mode in Minecraft is closer to the survival mode. The difference is that you can’t be killed in creative mode, and you have instant access to all the blocks and items, no need to farm them. So, it’s ideal to build or test something.


That’s it, you now know the main differences between adventure and survival mode in Minecraft.
Minecraft is a fantastic game, with unlimited possibilities in terms of gameplay according to your desires at each moment. Don’t stop after your first game, you can try new things every day!

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