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What to do When you are Bored in Minecraft? (21 ideas)

Yes, it’s a classic, you start to get bored on Minecraft after a few hours for some, a few weeks for others.
As it depends a lot on your imagination and your knowledge of the game, you’d better look for help on the Internet 🙂
So, what can you do in Minecraft when you’re bored?

Minecraft can get boring because there are no pre-determined objectives to fulfill. But there are many ideas that can be tested, like improving your base, installing new mods, or trying to complete the game (with the kill of the dragon boss).

You will find here a list of 21 ideas to keep you busy for a while 🙂
Some of them involve starting the game again, but most of them can be done in your current game.
I’ll let you discover them right now.

1. Create a new base

We often create a first base in survival mode, without thinking too much about it.
We start with a 4×4 cave with 2 chests and a crafting table, then we enlarge it, we decorate it, we create annex rooms, eventually we bring it to the surface once its material is ready.

But we don’t necessarily envision a base on a larger scale, a sort of small village, which allows us to have everything under control in a well-thought-out and harmonious way.
To reach this kind of objectives, the best is often to move, to a place more adapted to your dream base.
Maybe also closer to the different things you have discovered: biomes, spawners, dungeons, mansions, etc.

Don’t set any limit on the location of your base, if a base on the beach, on an island, underwater or in the sky makes you dream, why not?

2. Automate harvesting

In the same way, we tend to build ridiculous fields, 4×5 at best, which provide a minimum of resources.
You can very well enlarge your fields, so that when you need or want to, you have everything you need directly, without waiting for 50 growing cycles.
You can also automate most of the harvests thanks to the villagers, or at least semi-automate them with just water

Ask around!
I have this video in mind, but there may be adaptations to find for the latest versions I have not tested recently.


3. Kill the dragon

This may seem like a classic to some, since it is, in fact, the only official ending to the game.
But maybe others didn’t know yet that there was a dragon.

Personally, I discovered it several weeks after I started playing, the game had attracted me directly, I had not dug more than that the possibilities and I had launched into the adventure 🙂

To come back to the subject there is a dragon to find in the game, and by killing it you will have access to the end credits of the game.
If you haven’t done it yet in your game, it can be a good challenge to keep you busy for a few hours.
The access to the world in which the dragon is located is through a hidden portal in the basement, in a fort that looks like a labyrinth.

Ask for information before trying the adventure, there are many things to know (see the official wiki on this subject)

4. Find a new resource pack

Minecraft doesn’t look very nice with the default style, or at least you get tired of those simplistic pixels pretty fast.
Fortunately, there are hundreds of different textures you can use to give your game a new look!

Whether you’re a minimalist, a realist or a medievalist, you’ll find the texture pack that best suits your tastes and also your constructions.

Minecraft in a new light with SapixCraft

I had already made an article on the subject, with the best textures pack for Minecraft.
You are welcome to click on the link to see what it can give, do your tests and find the one that suits you.

If my list doesn’t suit you, there are dozens of sites that offer others, you are spoiled for choice.

5. Build a pixel art

Another possibility is to build new things in your base, I thought for example of a pixel art.
This will give a unique style to your base, give it an identity, it will look more like you.

And after all the building of necessities, it feels good to sit back and build just for fun:

 Some examples of pixel art
(Source: fmcpe.com)

Choose an icon or a hero you are particularly attached to, and try to reproduce it in the game.
To help you, there are sites that allow you to convert an image into pixel art, that will give you directly the blocks to use and where to put them (here is an example).
For the most daring you can also make them in 3D 🙂

And don’t think it’s limited to Pokémon and other video game heroes.
A picture of your dog or your girlfriend is just as valid 🙂
If you lack ideas, there is no lack of inspiration online (here for example)

6. Expand crop fields

I’ve already talked about it more or less in the section on harvest automation, but one idea might be to simply enlarge them.

Instead of having a line of 8 wart blocks in the corner, why not make it a 20×20 field, pick it up once, and be good for a week?
It already seems more optimized than waiting each time you want to make more than 3 potions.

Have the same thought for all the resources that you lack even once.
Not enough melon, potatoes or bones?
Multiply by 10 your facilities, that will keep you busy, and you will be at ease for the rest of your game.

7. Improve the architecture and decoration

This is also a classic case, but in a different style 🙂
If it’s your first Minecraft game, you probably did the minimum.
Walls like in the beginning, small rooms, and we don’t talk about your cubic house.

Would you like to live in your base in real life?
I may be caricaturing a bit, but many people get bored before they even try to make things look nice.
Maybe your house deserves a new and more realistic version, maybe you could use materials like quartz, wood or sandstone for your walls, ceilings and floors.

Here are some examples of architecture and decoration to inspire you:

These are not unrealistic examples I’m giving you, you can even copy if you are not excellent at building.
But if your base looks like a series of cubes, passing everything in buildings forming a village in a coordinated style should keep you busy for a few weeks 🙂

And you’ll like the result too, which will make you want to play even more!

8. Build an adaptable enchantment table

You probably have an enchantment table, and maybe an enchantment table with all the libraries.
If you don’t have that, you’ll be busy at work 🙂

It is possible to create a system in redstone that will automatically arrange the number of libraries for a desired level.
If you didn’t know, for some enchantments it is harder to get them at level 30 than at level 20 (I don’t remember the exact numbers, but that’s the idea).

I think that’s the case for Silk Touch for example, which comes out more often around level 20 than at level 30.
Here’s the video that explains it all:

I don’t think I put it anywhere on this list, but having the best enchantments of each type on your equipment (including the anvil of course), is a good challenge in itself.

Semi-automate some recipes.
Similarly, redstone can make your life easier on much simpler things, or even without redstone it should be possible to do something with dispensers.
Rather than searching for food all over your chests, why not fill a dispenser with a button to dispense food to you? A free McDrive is pretty cool 🙂

A bit more advanced though, I seem to have seen some armor or potion dispensers somewhere.
For potions, you just had to press the button, and it would give you the 3 or 4 ingredients you needed in the right quantity. This should also work for equipment or anything else you are looking for often.

10. Farm slimes

If you start making automated systems, you might run out of slime balls to make the famous sticky pistons.

So, you’ll have to find a way to optimize this, either with a simple cellar where they appear, or with a swamp nearby, or by building slime chunks to harvest them easily.
If you haven’t done your research on slimes yet, you should know that they only appear below layer 40 in some chunks of 16×16.

To find these sections you have two methods:

  • If you have already seen slimes near your base, start there, it will avoid searching everywhere.
  • If you don’t need many, go for a walk in a swamp at night and wait for them
  • Otherwise there are also online tools to find slime chunks (if you don’t mind “cheating”)

I’ve already done a full article on the subject, and it’s available here!

11. Install new mods

If this word is unknown to you, a “mod” is a modification of a game to add or change some features.
And there are plenty of free ones for Minecraft!

Most of the time you’ll need a modified launcher to manage these mods, and often “Forge” is used for that.
I already wrote a guide on how to use Forge for Minecraft, feel free to have a look if it’s something new for you.

I also give you links and explain how to install mods, so not to repeat here, I really invite you to read this article, even if you already have Forge installed.
To give you an idea anyway there are all kinds of mods, everything is possible: bigger chests, a thirst management system, new animals, etc.

12. Expedition to the Nether

The Nether is a parallel world with different blocks and creatures.
It’s worth going for a walk once you are properly equipped.

In addition to the discovery phase, there are some things that you can’t find elsewhere (quartz, blaze rods, ghast tears, etc.).

I already made an article about the  reasons to go to the Nether in Minecraft.
I’ll let you read it if you’re not convinced of what you can do in it.

13. Blow up your Minecraft world

Yes, sometimes it’s good to decompress 🙂
So, why don’t you blow up an NPC village or even your old base once the new one is finished?

With a few stacks of TNT you can literally blow up everything, it will create a chain reaction that might make you crash the game, but it’s fun 🙂


14. Follow YouTubers

This is probably the biggest source of reliable or proven inspiration on the internet.
I learned 95% of what I know by watching YouTube videos, following specific creators or by my research.
Even through funny videos to follow, you will learn things, see things he did that you didn’t know etc.

15. Film yourself

In the same way, why not film your games and share them on YouTube?
Film yourself without pretension, don’t look at what others are doing when they have 10 years of experience, just enjoy yourself.

You might like it, and it might give you some ideas for a future career, you never know, all experiences are good to take.
If you create your own channel, don’t hesitate to send the link in comments to get some extra audience 🙂

16. Complete the game

Attention, everyone has their own definition of finishing the game.
If yours was to have a diamond armor, GG you finished the game in 2 hours.
But you leave 95% of the game content behind.

I’m not talking about killing the dragon either, that will only be a step.
I am talking about completing all the achievements in the game menu.
This will be much more complicated than you can imagine 🙂

You will have to complete them in a certain order to get them validated, so think about organizing your adventure according to that.

You can either stay in the same adventure and continue (even if you have only two validated achievements when you have already done 80% of the tree it will not be truly motivating).
Or you can start a new game with this objective in mind (this is what I am talking about right now).

17. Start again with other objectives

This may be a bit radical for some, but if you have already done the first 15 items on this list, you may have simply reached the end of your game’s possibilities.

I will suggest you other solutions later to vary the pleasures, but if the game in solo survival is your passion, you can simply start a new game.

But this time define clear objectives, don’t play without knowing why, otherwise you will either get bored or end up with the same result as on the first game.

It can be to follow several advices of this article, but in a new setting, to realize a perfect village as much architecturally as in terms of optimization of the harvests.

Find your goals, write them down, and get started!

18. Test other Minecraft Maps

In the same way that there are mods, there are pre-built maps to download.
It can be simply a map with a few buildings to shelter you the first night and have a style to follow for the new buildings.

Or entirely different game mods to have fun in an entirely different style of survival.
Here is the site to visit to find maps quickly: PlanetMinecraft.

19. Increase the Game Level

The default game should be in “Normal” I think.
An idea would be to increase the level to “Hard” and see if the adventure gets a little bit tougher.

If you are already sufficiently equipped, it probably won’t change much, so maybe you’ll have to start again to see the real difference.
You also have the possibility to lock the difficulty to hard so that you don’t have to adjust the difficulty level when it suits you 🙂

You can also try a game in “Hardcore” mode if you feel ready, no death will be tolerated, otherwise it’s simply the end of the game 😮

20. Test a Modpack

I already talked about mods, there are also mod packs.

The concept is the same, except that it goes much further, it allows you to play with 20 to 30 mods in harmony without having to do anything special, the dedicated launcher takes care of everything.

An example of an industrialized chests room with Feed The Beast 🙂

Lots of unknown blocks? That’s normal, that’s the goal!
I recommend you for example the launcher “Feed The Beast” which includes several mod packs to industrialize your games.

But there are many others (see here for ideas).

21. Playing multiplayer

Finally, this may seem a bit simplistic as advice, but it can concern you.
The single player mode is simply limited.

Its lifespan may be around 100 hours, but once you’ve spent them doing different things, you’ll always feel like you’re going in circles.
Before you switch games, take a look at the online world.

It may take a little time to find the right community with the right play style for you, but once you find the right server, it will keep you busy for months or even years if you manage to connect with other players.

If you liked the single player mode, you’ll like the semi-rp in online survival.

I hope that with all this you have found your happiness and that you will not get bored on Minecraft so soon!

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